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Novactor aims to be the leading European producer of activated carbon

Today, the most cutting-edge activated carbon production facility in Europe was presented to the media and the public in a virtual opening ceremony. Vapo also launched its new activated carbon brand, Novactor. It aims to be the European industry leader in a few years.

Strong growth of activated carbon markets

The global activated carbon market is growing rapidly. The global market exceeds 1.5 million tonnes and the European market is approximately 300,000 tonnes. During recent years, the market has been growing at an annual rate of approximately five per cent. Novactor’s target is to raise its market share to 10 per cent in 10 years. The Ilomantsi unit is Novactor’s first activated carbon production facility. The next unit is being planned, but construction decisions have not yet been made.

Import covers over 70% of Europe’s activated carbon use. Most of the activated carbon is imported from Asia and North America. Novactor’s activated carbon products produced in Finland have been received well in the industry as COVID-19 has highlighted uncertainties related to long distance importing. In addition, activated carbon produced closer to Central European consumers has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Novactor is a new activated carbon producer in Europe

The Novactor brand was launched during the opening ceremony. Novactor, the first Scandinavian activated carbon producer, will enter the growing activated carbon market with a high-quality product portfolio. The Novactor name represents a new and reliable supplier in the activated carbon market. In addition to this, Novactor as a brand signifies the new industry that it creates in Finland. The fresh green appearance of the brand highlights the highly energy efficient and sustainable production technology used in the production process. The colour also represents the purifying essence of activated carbon.